It is a type of external or exterior cladding and metal façade wall panel, and named as IND panel for its multi-functions of wall Insulation And Decoration on industrial, commercial and residential projects. It has another name from its apperance, i.e. PU Foam Insulated Metal Carving Decorative Wall Panel.

Using metal carving panels to make beautiful and warm buildings

100+ Decorative Patterns Available


Using Metal Carving Panels To Make Beautiful And Warm Buildings

100+ Decorative Patterns Available

PU foam insulated metal carving decorative wall panel is a new-type building material-insulation and decoration multi-funtional panel. The panel, also names as IND panel, is used for decoration and thermal-insulation or heat preservation projects for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, for example homes, schools, offices, factories and entertainment places etc.

PU foam insulated metal carving decorative wall panel are excellent materials for exterior decoration of a building. Not only for decoration purpose, the insulated PU foam in the panel will keep the buildings cozy warm on freezing winter days and nice and cool in broiling summer summer days. Therefore the costs for using heater or AC will be greatly decreased.

The luxurious and beautiful decoration style of IND panels highlights the charming of the building. The IND panel is not only suitable for the newly set up brick-concrete structure, framework structure, steel structure, lightweight steel buildings, but also suitable for energy-saving refurbishment of the existing buildings.

Our panels make things easy for projects

Pu Metal Carving Decorative Wall Sandwich Panel

Our Panels Make Things Easy For Projects

Our PU Foam Insulated Metal Carving Decorative Wall Panel consists of metal surface, insulation core, and aluminum foil (sometimes metal) bottom.

The pu insulated metal carving wall panel produced by our company,using iron sheet to process the aluminum and zinc galvanized sheet and zinc galvanized sheet, coated with weatherproof fluorocarbon coated in the surface, insulated with PU foam as core and glued with waterproof aluminum foil.

IND panels perform wonderfully as façade panels for a lot of buildings or applications, for example, municipal construction, residential apartments, villas, gardens, refurbishment of old buildings, guard posts, selling boxes and many other engineering fields etc.

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Simple Installation

Simple Installation

Our PU foam insulated metal carving decorative wall panel is installed with only screws with rare glues needed.

Simple Installation


Main comopnents for PU foam insulated metal carving decorative wall panel are PPGA steel, polyurethane foam and aluminum foil. That’s it!

Beautiful Decorative Patterns & Energy Saving

Beautiful Decorative Patterns & Energy Saving

Over hundreds of decorative patterns can be offered for different building styles.

PU Foam Insulated Metal Carving Decorative Wall Panel

Hundreds of embossed and preprinted patterns integrated with roll formed shapes have been designed to offer sorts of decoration options to end users.

PU Foam Insulated Metal Carving Decorative Wall Panel

Installation of our PU metal carving board IND panels is easy and fast as we use just screws with no need of adhesive. Our passion for innovation has made us international leaders in the exterior wall decoration and heat insulation markets.

Our goal is to produce stylish design inventions including exterior decorative wall panels with as little impact on our planet as possible. We distribute internationally and take care that our raw materials meet our environmental standards all the way through the supply chain. IND panels are manufactured continuously through insulated sandwich panel production line and cut to customized lengths (standard length 3800mm). IND panels are constructed with Pre-painted Aluzinc sheet, high-density rigid PU foam (in some occasions EPS and Rockwool are used as well) and waterproof Aluminum foil. There are different patterns available to be engraved or embossed on the surface of the steel sheets for decoration purpose.

The pu insulated metal carving wall panel has been popular because it performs fantastic in heat reservation, thermal insulation, building decoration, environmental protection, weather resistance, rain and freeze prevention, soundproof, seismic resistance, light weight etc. Exquisite panels joint greatly avoids the loose, cracking and cold/hot bridge. In the meantime, the installation and assembling of the panels is quite easy and convenient, regardless of the season or climate change. This innovative panel highlights its absolute advantages .

Using traditional building materials, like real bricks, real wood or real stone to build or cover the internal framework of the hotel would be heavy, costly, labour-intensive, and even dangerous. We provide you with exterior decorative wall panels that allow you to sidestep all those headaches with lightweight, flexible, eco-conscious exterior panelling alternatives that are suitable for any climate, durable even under high-traffic conditions.

PU Insulated Metal Carving Wall Panel Top Categories


Brick Patterns

Brick patterns PU metal carving panel is prefered by the customers who are big fans of traditional brick structure or appearance building styles.


Wood Patterns

The metal carved PU insulated wall panel provides natural wood apperance as decoration, and thermal insulation and heat-preservation functions.


Stone Patterns

A stone pattern PU insulated metal carved wall sandwich panel decorative building both visually and tactually like a real stone decoration.


Stucco Patterns

The stucco patterns PU insulated metal carved wall panel can decorate buildings with muddy wall effect. Also, it can protect people inside the building being heated or freezed.


Flat-extensions Patterns

Flat extensions PU sandwich facade panel use single colour sheet as the surface layer, sometimes valleys or grooves are roll formed so that it makes the buildings simple but beautiful.


Grille Style Pattern

We keep innovating new special patterns and so far to satisfy our customer’s special requirement, we have developed micro-wave shapes and Grille Style Pattern Metal Carved panels.


We produce PU insulated metal carving decorative wall panels for both exterior (external) walls
and interior (internal) walls. There are hundreds of pattern compositions available for any decoration preference.

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