How to install IND facade panels?


IND facade panels are multi-functional for building decoration and thermal insulation. Furthermore, the panels have many other advantages, like easy to install.

Like wood flooring, a piece of IND panel has both male and femal joint structure, so that it’s quite easy to assemble one piece of panels to another vertically, but how to install the panels on the wall? Easy! Just to remember HI (Horizontal Installation).

The panels are widely used for various structures of buildings, like steel structure, brick cement structure and concrete structure etc. Unlike traditional facade panels using cement or glue, IND facade panels requires tapping screws, expansion screws or nails. In addition, there are some spare parts necessary for the installation of IND panels.

  • STARTER: It is the very first part that shall be installed on the wall.
  • FINISHER: It is usually installed right under the roofing or two sides of wall if corner is no needed.
  • BRIDGE: If the wall is too long, bridge is used to connect two short pieces of panels.
  • EXTERNAL CORNER: Used for covering panels at external corner. It’s a bigger corner part compared to IN/EXTERNAL CORNER.
  • IN/EXTERNAL CORNER: The part can be used for covering panels at both internal and external corner.
  • DOOR/WINDOW STRIPS: As the name indictates, the part are used for covering the sides of windowns or doors. Please note that the part shall be installed before the windows or doors.

On brick cement and concrete structure wall, normally a pistol drill is used to fasten the STARTER first on the wall. The next step is to insert the femal side of the first piece of IND panel inside the STARTER, then to fasten the male side of the first panel on the wall with tapping screws or expansion screws. It shall be noted that every 60cm on the panels shall be fixed with screws to ensure reliable installation. And then insert the female side of the second piece of panel to the male side of first piece of panel, and then fasten the male side of the second panel to the wall like the first piece of panel. Continue doing the next like the first two pieces of panels.

Be sure to contact us shall you have any questions or assistance regarding installation.

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